One Moment

And right before we departed,

There was

That one instant moment

We looked at each other’s eyes –

And I thought

We both changed our minds.

That you were gonna stay.

That it wasn’t going

To be our last embrace.

But right before we departed,

There was

That one instant moment

When your arms felt loose –

And I knew.

I knew

You didn’t change your mind.

One Moment

Chasing Somewhere


The sun still has not set


The stars have not manifest



Alarm clocks have not rung

And the song is still unsung



She hasn’t grown a year old


Bedtime stories are still untold



Students are still inside

Comprehending how’s and why’s



He hasn’t tucked her into bed


The clock isn’t over turning yet.



I run and chase back the time

To somewhere you are still mine.

Chasing Somewhere

Three In The Morning

Good morning, your alarm clock wakes you up
You rub your eyes and try to make the buzz stop
You look at the ceiling and stare to think
Why you suddenly remember me.
You try to get up and take a look at your room
Everything feels in and out of zoom
Little trinkets around remind you of what used to be
When you get up, you still remember me.

You go downstairs and get ready to leave
But you first think of getting something to drink
You look back at your kitchen and think of my coffee
And once more, you remember me.

You go out and look for a cab to ride
A shiny silver car passes you by
You laugh at yourself because you agree
It’s silly of you to remember me.

You recognize the DJ on your favorite station
Telling about two lovers that are never shaken
You suddenly recall of our own history,
Also the fifth time that you remember me.

You sing out loud with the top song of the day
But then you hear the song we used to play
You sigh and decide you have enough memories
You have enough to remember me.

You get out of the taxi, thank him for the ride
It starts to rain and all else runs inside
But you see a couple enjoying what they see
Of course, you again remember me.

You see your friend who brags his new phone
You see it’s the same as what I own
You look up and wonder really
Why with everything else you remember me.

It’s time for lunch, it’s time to eat
You think of the place across the street
But the last time you ate their best seller spaghetti
Again you remember, you remember me.

The places, the songs, the things that you see
Somehow everything points out to me
Your lips tremble, and your eyes get blurry,
You just can’t help to remember me.

You have me in your mind from morning ‘til noon
You wonder when it will all be over soon
But still you reminisce, quickly and slowly
Still, however, you remember me.

It was your choice to end all of this
I hope there are no regrets on things
But I do hope, this way, you’re still happy
Give it time, you will soon forget me.
Three In The Morning