Ten to Eleven

I woke up with tears on my eyes, and a question on my mind – Why? I reached for my phone to see the time – 3:00 AM. I didn’t want to move at all, not until I find out what I was dreaming about.

I can barely recall what happened in my dreams. All I remember was that it was sad; Sad enough to wake me up with tears. I think I remember seeing someone. Was it a stranger? I close my eyes trying to remember vague snapshots from what I saw. No, I think I’m supposed to know that person. The figure seems familiar. I can only get a shadowy character wearing a big red jacket framing the small figure wearing it. The figure gets smaller and smaller as if he was moving away. Wait, was this a girl?

It’s 4:18 AM and not remembering is killing me. I shut my eyes trying to put myself back to sleep just so maybe, I could unmask the shadow haunting me in my dreams and reality.

Where was she going? Why is she leaving? … Or was it me leaving her?

I twist to my side, and I see my wall clock telling me it’s almost five in the morning. I only have a few more minutes before I need to get up for work.

My phone lit up as it signalled I received a message. I wanted to focus more on my dream but it beeped again. I reached for my phone and checked the two texts from the same number. Who could this be ruining my day? It’s Sophia.

Message1:      Hey, about last night. Can we just forget about it and start over? I really want things to work out between us.

Message2:      I really wanna talk to you. Can we meet tonight?

I threw my phone back to the bed, rubbed my eyes and forced my body to detach itself from the comforts of my bed. “It’s another day”, I sighed to myself. I got up the bed and headed to the showers. Irritatingly, I dragged myself back to my bed and searched for my phone.

I replied, “Okay.”

All the way to work I was still thinking about the dream I had last night. Why is it bothering me so much? Do I know the girl? Have I met her before? Why did I feel a sense of familiarity? Like a feeling of comfort and peace. How could it be such an amazing dream that left me to keep wondering awake? How can it be amazing and sad at the same time? All day long, I just wanted to go back and maybe know her identity. It is so frustrating to not know.

The clock hits 5:00 and I get excited to go home. I quickly packed my things and prepared to leave the office when my phone beeped. “6pm. Our usual spot,” Sophia reminded.

Crap, I totally forgot.

She immediately stood when I arrived. She hugged me tight, and I hugged her back. She gave the most amazing smile that made me fall in love with her. What happened to us?

“Oh before I forget,” she took out her bag and handed me a red jacket. “Thanks for letting me wear it last night.”

Ten to Eleven

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